Valor is the virtue governing battle, punishment, and bravery.

Ability Scores: Strength / Charisma

Skills: Climb, Intimidate, Perform

Sense: Detect poison and chaos within 60-feet.


As shown on table: virtue ranks, choose one of the following at each level if your sworn virtue is Valor.

Great Bravery (Minor): Your HD is increased by 2 when determining the effects of fear spells, dictum, blasphemy, holy word, or word of chaos.

Sharpened Blade (Minor): Gain +2 to attack rolls made against flat-footed creatures.

Trigger (Minor): Choose one catrip/orison or 1st level spell you know. Then select Critical, Death, or Disable. These selections can be changed once per day. If you selected Critical, whenever you successfully confirm a critical hit, the chosen spell is triggered targeting the creature you recieved your attack. If you select Death it is triggered on you when your hit points reach negative hit points equal to 1/2 of your Constitution Score, Targeting yourself or the creature who inflicted the damage that caused this. If you selected Disable, the chosen spell triggers targeting a creature you caused a negative condition to such as slow, stunned, prone, etc. This can only occur once per round.

Crownguard (Major): You gain a deflection bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier.

Greater Trigger (Major): Like trigger, except a 2nd or 3rd level spell may be selected, and can be triggered only once per 1d3 rounds instead.

Second Wind (Major): Once per round, if your hit points would be reduced to 0 or lower by an attack or spell, they are reduced to 1 instead.


As shown on table: virtue ranks, choose one of the following at each level if your sworn virtue is Valor.

Core of Fire (Minor): Once per round as an immediate action, you may gain a +2 morale bonus to any D20 roll you make.

Second Strike (Minor): Once per round, after you make an attack or full attack and fail to hit the target with all attacks, you may make an additional attack at your highest base attack bonus, but only with a melee weapon.

Stunning Glance (Major): As a standard action you can glance at one target and attempt to stun them unless they succeed in a Will save (DC = 10 + HD + Charisma Mod), if the target fails they are stunned for 1 round, if they fail by 5 or more, they are stunned for 1d3 rounds instead.

Valorous Strike (Major): You may use this ability in place of an attack as a standard action as long as you have not used your move action yet this turn, however you can take your move action after using this ability. When used, make an attack at your highest base attack bonus and add your virtue rank and Charisma modifier to your damage roll, If you kill the target, double the karma and experience gained from the target. If the target is not killed by this attack, both you and the enemy become staggered for 1 round.


As shown on table: virtue ranks, choose one of the following at each level if your sworn virtue is Valor.

Never Flee: You cannot use a withdraw action.

Jaded Will: Your Will Save is increased by your Constitution modifier in place of your Wisdom modifier, and your Fortitude Save is increased by your Wisdom modifier in place of your Constitution modifier.

Overconfidence (Greater): Your Reflex save is not increased by your Dexterity modifier.

Lack of Concentration (Greater) The duration of all spells you cast and abilities you use with a duration longer than instant is reduced by 1 round.

Virtuous PowerEdit

Instill Valor (Su): Up to five times per day, one other creature is granted your Strength bonus to Melee Attack and Melee Damage rolls as a Morale bonus for 1 round. This is an Immediate action.

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