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Virtue and Karma Mechanics[]

Throughout the continent are eight shrines of virtue and then of course the main temple of virtue in Svetland. Upon arriving at Svetland they can swear themselves as knights of virtue. Each of eight virtues have their own order of knights which uphold the core responsibilities of the virtue, and as they advance in rank, they gain access to unique powers and abilities as well as equipment.

These are the virtues of good that have an order, and their associated abilities: Justice, Spirituality, Valor, Humility, Compassion, Honesty, Honor and Sacrifice.

Each virtue has a total of ten separate ranks. Ranks are gained gaining Karma by defeating specific enemies, and conquering the shrines of the vices.

Vice Aligned Enemies are worth 1 Karma (doubled in vice dungeons)

Vice Aligned Bosses are worth 5 Karma (doubled in vice dungeons)

Vice Aligned Leaders are worth 15 Karma

Conquering a Vice Dungeon is worth 25 Karma

Completing Virtuous Quests is worth 5 Karma

Ability and Skill bonuses granted by ranks of virtue count as a Virtue bonus. These gains shown on Table: Virtue Ranks

Ability Scores: At each given rank choose one of the Ability Scores tied to your virtue as listed on each of their pages. This is not cumulative, at 5th level choose +2 to one of the two abilities tied to the virtue, at 7th gain +2 to the other ability tied to the virtue, and at 9th increase one of the two abilities from +2 to +4. 

Skill Bonus: At each given rank on the table below, gain a +2 bonus to any of the three skills tied to the virtue, no one listed skill can be granted a bonus greater than +4 from your virtue.

Deeds and Abilities: At each given rank, choose one of the deeds, abilities or forfeitures listed on the page for your respective virtue. Abilities expend one point of mana whenever they are used.

Virtue Weapons/Armor/Items: This ability is required to equip specific items. These items are few and far between but quite powerful.

Table: Virtue Ranks
Rank Required Karma Ability Bonus Skill Bonus Deeds and Abilities
1st - - - -
2nd 10 - +2 Minor Ability
3rd 30 - - Virtue Sense
4th 60 - +2 Minor Deed
5th 100* +2 - Virtue Items
6th 150 - +2 Minor or Major Ability
7th 210 +2/+2 - Virtue Armor, Forfeiture
8th 280 - +2 Minor or Major Deed
9th 360 +2/+4 - Virtue Weapon, Greater Forfeiture
10th 450 - +2 Virtuous Power

  • To reach a rank above the 5th rank, a specific quest must be performed at the great temple of virtues.