Crown and Cowardice Wiki

Items and Magical Properties specific to campaign.

Virtue Armor and Weapons Modifiers[]

These can only be found on virtue items or when crafting virtue items. Applying one or more of these abilities to a weapon or armor flags it as a virtue item, an item cannot have more than one modifier of a different virtue on it.

Armor Modifiers[]

Divine: +2 ability, spirituality; Divine armor allows you to make a second saving throw against a spell or ability that inflicts divine damage on a failed saving throw (flamestrike etc.) However you must use the result of the second roll, even if it is worse than the first.

Irreverent: +2 ability, spirituality; Irreverent armor grants you 10 energy resistance against divine damage (such as that inflicted by 1/2 of flamestrike)

Metaphysical: +4 ability, spirituality; Metaphysical armor has its armor and enhancement modifiers to AC applied against touch attacks.

Sacred: +1 ability, spirituality; Sacred armor has a sacred bonus to Armor Class equal to 1/2 of its base armor bonus.

Ungodly: +1 ability, spirituality; Ungodly armor grants a +1 Sacred bonus to all saves against Divine spells.

Weapon Modifiers[]

Devotional: +2 ability, spirituality; attuned devotional weapons can be used once per day to prepare a divine spell you know as a swift action.

Discarnate: +1 ability, spirituality; discarnate weapons inflict 1d4 additional force damage against incorporial creatures.

Intangible: +2 ability, spirituality; Intangible weapons can roll twice for concealment or mirror image rolls and take the better result.

Hylothic: +2 ability, spirituality; Hylothic weapons count as having bane against divine spellcasters.

Iconoclastic: +3 ability, spirituality; Iconoclastic weapons always inflict critical damage against magic items on a successful sunder attempt.