Honor is the virtue governing movement to action, oaths, heroism and the slaying of evil.

Ability Scores: Strength / Dexterity

Skills: Climb, Ride, Swim

Sense: Detect dragons and giants within 60-feet.


As shown on table: virtue ranks, choose one of the following at each level if your sworn virtue is Honor.

Battle Preparation (Minor): Gain +2 to initiative checks.

Striking Mastery (Minor): When you choose this deed, choose a weapon type (slashing, piercing, crushing). All attacks made by this kind of weapon gain +1 to attack rolls. This can be chosen more than once, and stacks with itself for dual-damage type weapons, but only one of each type can be chosen whenever this ability is taken. (i.e. you cannot choose slashing more than once, but taking this twice and selecting piercing and slashing would grant +2 to daggers)

Iron Reflexes (Minor): Gain your Strength modifier to Reflex saves instead of your Dexterity modifier.

Dazzling Strike (Major): When attacking a creature affected by blind the critical threat range is increased by 2.

Defiance (Major): As long as you have a shield equipped, gain the base AC of the shield type as a bonus to damage rolls with melee weapons other than the shield, and the critical multiplier of your equipped weapon as a bonus to Shield AC (I.E. if your weapon has x2 crit multi, gain +2 to your shield's total AC bonus)

Wrecking Ball (Major): When scoring a critical hit with a blunt weapon, the target is stunned for 1 round per critical multiplier of the weapon being used. A successful fortitude save negates this (DC 10 + Virtue Rank + Strength Modifier)


As shown on table: virtue ranks, choose one of the following at each level if your sworn virtue is Honor.

Challenge (Minor): As a swift action you may attempt to force one creature to only attack you for 1d3+1 rounds by succeeding in an intimidate check against the creatures HD + 10, If you fail it only attacks you for 1 round.

Divert (Minor): As a standard action, you may attempt to force a creature to become flat-footed to all attackers for 1 round, but succeeding in a CMB check. Add a bonus equal to twice the difference in size categories between you and your target. (I.E. a small creature gains +4 against large creatures)

Quickening (Major): Once per round, you may use this ability as a free action to gain an additional 5-foot step.

Prepared Maneuvers (Major): Once per round as a move action, you may add your Virtue Rank to your next CMB check. You can use this ability multiple times on concurrent rounds to increase the bonus further. However after the current battle, the bonus added by this ability is reset.


As shown on table: virtue ranks, choose one of the following at each level if your sworn virtue is Honor.

Overfocused: You are obligated to focus on one creature in battle until it is finished, When you initiate combat, the first creature you confront must remain as your combat target until it dies or the battle otherwise ends. Until this happens you take a -2 penalty on Attacks, Damage and CMB against all other creatures in the same battle.

Tauntable: You are compelled to take action against any creature whose actions insult you or your beliefs, if you choose not to take action you take a -2 penalty on your next 1d6 d20 rolls.

Trivality (Greater): Whenever you make a skill check with any skill against a DC equal to or less than your total skill bonus in the given skill, take a -4 penalty on the roll.

No Honor in the Meek (Greater): Whenever you attempts to hit a creature whose HD is less than 1/2 of your own, you must make a Will save (DC = 11 + Virtue Rank) or lose your attack.

Virtuous PowerEdit

Challenge Greatness (Su): Up to five times per day, target one creature, and add the difference between its HD and your own to your Attack and AC against that creature for 1 minute. If you are higher HD than the creature, you take a penalty equal to the difference instead.

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