Throughout the duration of the Crown and Cowardice campaign, Food and Water are very important. Traversing each hex requires one day's worth of food and drink per player for easier terrains, but more difficult terrains like mountains and swamps may require more. For each hex you traverse without food or drink you will get the following effects until you rest (which also requires one food and one drink per player)

Certain spells or items can lower this such as Ioun Stones etc.

Travelling without Provisions
# of Hexes Effects (Dispelled with rest)
1 Fatigue
2 Fatigue
3 Fatigue and Sicken
4 Exhaustion and Sicken
5 Exhaustion and Nausea
6 Death


Lake and River tiles do not require water when travelling, but may require food unless the character has the fisher trait.

Campaign Specific Feats & Traits (Food/Drink)Edit

Survivalist (trait): Characters with this trait use 1/2 as much food and water when travelling.

Fisher (trait): Characters with this trait have a 50% chance to not require food when travelling through coastal hexes.

Forager (feat) (req: 4 ranks in survival): Characters with this feat do not need food or water when travelling through lush terrains (Forests or Jungles) (Negated when heavily encumbered)

Pack Forager (Feat) (req: Forager): Characters with this feat can also provide food and water to their party while travelling through lush terrains (forests or jungles) (Negated when heavily encumbered)

Beggar (feat) (req: 4 ranks in bluff): Characters with this feat do not need food or water when travelling through urban terrains (Cities, Farmlands) and have a 50% chance to gain 4d8 gold pieces when travelling through cities. (Negated when heavily encumbered)

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