Djinn-boarded equipment also known as dungeon artifacts, gain powers as the djinn's Artifact Level increases. At fourth level, the dungeoin artifact can be used to boost itself and its user in the form of an Equip Mode. Below are the details.

Equip ModeEdit

Equip Mode is activated as a move action. 

While 'equipped' a second layer of equipment is formed over the wearer's normal gear, which 'fills' the djinn equipment slot. Some equip modes take up two equipment slots, but never more than two.

Multiple equips can only be used if they 'fill' different djinn equipment slots. There is djinn equipment one slot for each magic item slot available to the character's race/type. Which slot is required depends on which equipment item the djinn is bound into. 

Djinn cannot be bound into non-wearable or slotless magic items. (i.e. you cannot bind a djinn to travel rations or ioun stones, or alchemist fire, etc.)

Equip-Mode costs 1 mana to toggle on but lasts for 1 minute per AFLv

Full-Equip ModeEdit

Many djinn have the ability to perform a full-equip mode at 10th level, a full-equip mode is very similar to a normal equip mode with a few exceptions.

Full-Equip Mode is activated a full-round action. 

While 'equipped' a second layer of equipment if formed over the wearer's normal gear, however instead of filling the djinn equipment slot in the magic item slot where the djinn's bound item is equipped, A full-equip takes every djinn equipment slot on the character except for the Main Hand weapon and Offhand slot, which prevents more than one-full equip to be active at the same time in the majority of cases.

Djinn bound to weapons and shields have full-equip mode as well, but this is the only time in which two full-equip modes can be activated at once.

When a weapon or shield full-equips it takes both the main hand and offhand slot, though in some cases it leaves the hands free, this is dependent on the djinn and its full-equip mode's description, shape, and power. Full-equip modes that leave the hands free do not allow you to further equip more weapons and armor unless specifically stated in the djinn's description, hands freed by the full-equip mode are only free in order to perform the following actions: Reload, Somatic Casting, Drink Potion, Mundane Somatics, Manual manipulation. (i.e. reading, pulling levers etc.)

While active, passive household vassal abilities become active as well, without the vassal having to call upon it themselves. Targetable household vassal abilities however, do not, but can be used with the effects of a single meta-magic of the user's choice as long as the full-equip is active.

Full-Equip mode costs 1 mana per round to sustain, and 2 mana to toggle on.

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