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Dungeon Spirits are powerful spirits that reside upon the top of the towers that are popping up all over the kingdom. Each one belongs to an affinity depending on its dungeon's rank.

Releasing a Dungeon SpiritEdit

Releasing a dungeon spirit is carried out by clearing its respective dungeon. Each dungeon also has a theme that shares an affinity with its dungeon spirit.

Dungeon Spirit Artifact AffinityEdit

Dungeon spirit affinities are split up into several categories depending on their dungeon difficulty and are show in their respective difficulties on the tables below, along with that to expect from these dungeons and the artifacts you can win within.

Minor Dungeons are the most common and the easiest ones to capture.

Minor Affinities
Affinity Dungeon Themes Artifact Themes
Fire Many Traps and Fire Subtype enemies. Offensive Casting (fire)
Air Flying Enemies, Jumping Puzzles Flight, Longivity
Water Underwater Enemies, Swimming Puzzles DR, Healing
Earth Large Enemies, Walls, Mazes Armor Class, Phys. Dam
Ooze Ooze Enemies, Difficult Terrain DR, Poison/Disease
Ice Casting Enemies, Bleeding Traps Off. Casting (Ice, Phys.)
Smoke Obscured Vision, Suffocation Death Effects, Rogue
Magma Lava Traps, Dragon Enemies Trapping, Debuff

Moderate Dungeons are slightly more common further away from civilization and tend to be longer that minor dungeons

Moderate Affinities
Affinity Dungeon Themes Artifact Themes
Steam Ambient Heat, Immaterial Monsters, Swimming Charisma-Casters, Diversion, Rogue
Mineral Enemies with Hardness, Gemstones Light-Based Casters, Wealth, Charisma Skills
Lightning High DPS Enemies, Caster Enemies, Traps Lightning Spells, Damage Bonuses, Intelligence
Radiance Light Enemies, Soul Traps, Healer Enemies Cleric, Oracle, Blindness Effects
Salt Dessication Enemies, Poisons, Decay Enemies Necromancers, Minion-Casters, Energy Resistances
Dust Stealthing Enemies, Immaterial Monsters Death Effects, Resurrection, Air Spells
Ash Fire Enemies, Suffocation Traps Fire Magic, Death Effects, Dodging
Vaccuum Gravity Traps, Encumberance, Immobility Gravity, Status Effect Immunity, DR

Major Dungeons are uncommon and only found in the furthest reaches of Reim, They are very difficult and should not be taken lightly, They have fewer unique affinities but they are some of the most pure essences of power, and occasionally have one of the lesser affinities influencing them as well.

Major Affinities
Affinity Dungeon Themes Artifact Themes
Material Durable Enemies, Physical Damage, Mazes, Mundanity Physical Combatants
Positive (Light) Healing Enemies, God-like Enemies, Overheal Damage Holy Powers, Anti-undead
Negative (Dark) Death Effects, Undead, God-like Enemies, Status Effects Evil Powers, Death Effects

Grand Dungeons are the rarest and most difficult dungeons, they are also the largest dungeons as they tend to encompass multiple affinities (up to four at a time) however each Grand Dungeon always has one of the following affinities within its pool of affinities. Also there are rumors that multiple dungeon spirits often inhabit these massive dungeons.

Grand Affinities
Affinity Dungeon Themes Artifact Themes
Ordial Support, Unaspected Enemies, Beings of Creation Empowered Affinities, Truth
Ethereal Jaunting, Random Movement, Beings of Destruction Askew Concepts of other Affinities; (Fire to Cold etc)
Astral Suppression, Disorientation, Beings of Energy Surreal Concepts of other Affinities; (Amalgamized Affinities)
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